Snuba diving or diving for beginners!

You want to get started in scuba diving. However, with so many options available to you, the choice can be quite complicated. For beginners, snuba diving remains the best alternative. What does it consist of? Why is it suitable for beginners? Explanations.

The snuba diving, k├ęzaco?

Do you know what is the main difference between "Snuba diving", "scuba diving", or "snorkeling"? First of all, scuba diving is characterized by a surface breathing system. Oxygen tanks are not directly associated with divers, but are located on the surface. The breathing mode is then done through a long hose connected to the diver's mouth. Snorkeling" is defined by underwater hiking. The principle is simple, the diver is equipped with a snorkel, mask and fins and is ready to explore the underwater landscape. The SNUBA is a compromise between scuba diving and snorkeling. In a simpler way, snorkeling is defined as a diving discipline or underwater excursion using oxygen tanks on the surface.

Beginners in scuba diving, the reasons to opt for snuba diving!

Whether you want to become a professional diver, or you want to explore coral reefs and the ocean floor, snuba diving is a good choice. 3 essential points explain it. Snuba diving equipment is specifically designed to be safe. You'll have a raft on the surface that you can hold on to, or just to familiarize yourself with breathing underwater. Air lines are also present to guide you and allow you to keep a constant depth. They also help you get to the surface. You don't have to be a great sportsman to snuba dive. Like snorkeling, snuba diving is also a means of hiking and recreational exploration of the seabed. Beginners will be able to discover at their ease the various underwater landscapes without going too deep. This discipline is very popular in the tourism sector, snuba-tourism. This discipline does not require any complex training. It is also open to all people, even the elderly or handicapped.

The necessary equipment to do snuba diving

To practice snuba diving, you need above all oxygen tanks and a surface raft. A wetsuit is an effective way to keep you out of the cold, especially when you're going deep. Harnesses and light weights are placed on a weight belt to provide greater safety for divers. A regulator prevents water from entering your air intake. A mask protects your eyes and shelters the air inlet. Fins allow you to move around, among other things.
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