10 good reasons to snorkel

Snorkeling is an increasingly popular aquatic activity. It is an activity that is both easy and within everyone's reach. Snorkeling has everything to satisfy children and adults alike. If you're still hesitating, this article gives you 10 good reasons to get started.

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling, also known as water hiking, is visiting the seabed by swimming most frequently on the surface of the water, although you can sometimes do short, short snorkels at shallower depths. Just a snorkel and a mask are essential to sigh without losing any part of the spectacle of the underwater fauna and flora. It is also important to have a pair of flippers that allows you to propel yourself faster. In some parts of the French coastline, real walkways have been built, with signs and beacons to further guide the aquatic walker.

Who is snorkeling for?

Snorkeling is for everyone. If you want to discover the underwater flora and fauna and you are comfortable in the water, but you don't want to descend into the abyssal depths, snorkeling is for you. While doing this activity, you don't have to carry the bottles on your back. The instruction of technical gestures such as snorkeling, swimming and mask management is not so difficult and does not require any special training. You can practice it with your family or alone with or without supervision in supervised areas. However, you must be careful not to go close to the coast to certain motor boats that do not comply with safety rules.

Why snorkeling?

Here are some good reasons to snorkel. Firstly, snorkeling is an ideal activity for the whole family. To do so, you can be accompanied by your children from the age of 6 years old. This type of activity is the most accessible, as you don't need to get high-tech equipment to see the basics. It is also ideal for seeing and visiting the underwater world. Here you can quickly observe new landscapes and marine biology. It is also an ideal activity to do with family or friends. Snorkeling can give you unforgettable moments while enjoying the benefits of physical activity. You can also swim with turtles or sailfish. Snorkeling is a sport with various benefits for physical and mental health. It is, like swimming and scuba diving, among the best activities with therapeutic virtues. Natural virtues useful in particular to fight against stress. Snorkeling also allows you to take beautiful underwater photos in the company of fish that will fascinate all your friends on the social network.
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