Fly fish: the towed buoy with thrills!

This name in English "fly fish" means flying fish in French designating a thrilling activity. This activity is part means to spice up your holidays or simply for tourism.

What is "fly fish"?

This activity requires a large marine area, as it requires a motor boat as a tractor, a buoy as a towed vehicle and rope. The higher the speed, the higher the fly fish towed buoy flies, which can reach a height of up to 5 m and glide over a distance of about 40 to 50 m. People who want to take part in this activity are attached to the buoy by wrists to prevent them from falling into the water. The number of participants varies, with a maximum of 6 depending on the different models that exist. The participants remain fixed and cannot move during and until the end of the activity. The activity is subject to suggestions from water skiing, sailing, windsurfing or wakeboarding schools to initiate the participants to experience a strong sensation before entering the professional world.

Who can do "fly fish"?

Fly fish can be done alone, with friends or even family. A session can last 15 minutes or more depending on the budget and taste of the participants who think it was too short. This activity is not recommended for people with high blood pressure and heart disease, as this activity is quite extreme and therefore promotes a great adrenaline rush. In addition, people stay stuck to the buoy until the end of the ride. Practicing "fly fish" is suitable for people of all ages. But it is also perfectly suitable for people in good health who want to enjoy extreme sensations. Fly at high speed over the sea and experience a new and memorable sensation that you will remember.

Where to fly fish?

This activity requires a large space where the boat can grow while towing and therefore to increase speed to make the buoy fly. It is therefore preferable to do it at sea. Normally, you can find the fly fish when you relax on the beach. Or in an environment close to a harbour and specific motor boats that is made to tow the flying fish buoy. You can also find out before you go on holiday what makes fly fish. There are special places that are only for these activities. The necessary information can give the price, the total number of participants in a trip, the duration of the trip and the opening hours.
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