Sailboat or catamaran: what if you went on a cruise with a professional skipper?

There are a multitude of holiday formulas that you can choose according to what you want. You can go on an adventure, discover a new culture or opt for fare niente by the pool. A cruise offers all these perspectives in a single activity, but you have to choose your boat carefully.

Sailboat or Catamaran, what's the difference?

Depending on the trip you wish to make, and what you are looking for, the choice of boat is essential. The sailboat is an ideal monohull to split the ice of the far north or to sail along the wild coasts. They are made out of aluminium and can go anywhere; they can adapt even to small creeks. It is the ideal boat to sail upwind and clear a coastline, offering a pleasant sailing sensation. The catamaran is the combination of two hulls, offering in the middle a space as big as the living room of a house. Manufacturers are starting to use aluminium in the design to make it more maneuverable, both upside down and against its large size. Cruising a catamaran offers greater sailing comfort but also more living space.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sailboat

Contrary to catamaran cruising, the yacht is designed for holidays in privacy and in a small group. On the other hand, on the navigation side, it would be closer to driving a sports car for its speed and manoeuvrability. It offers a very pleasant navigation even if the rolling effect is quite important for those prone to seasickness. Renting a sailboat will be more accessible and will offer a cruise at a lower cost, fuel and crew included. It is also more advantageous in terms of port fees and taxes and for the maintenance of the boat. Even if you arrive late, the sailboat will still find a place in the marina thanks to its small size. It has as much volume as a catamaran of less than 12 metres, thanks to its length and height.

Advantages and disadvantages of the catamaran

For a group stay, a cruise on a catamaran will be more adequate because the two hulls allow four cabins. It will be ideal for lovers of wide open spaces, offering the same comfort as at home. Slower than a sailboat, it catches up with crosswinds, especially with a downwind sail. In spite of the speed, the navigation will be more stable and will reduce the risk of seasickness with less pitching. The cost of the charter is more expensive, proportional to the price of the boat, including berths and port taxes. With two engines in each hull, fuel consumption is higher, but the tanks are also doubled. This makes it possible to make longer trips without the need for refuelling. Whether you opt for a cruise on a catamaran or a sailboat, it is advisable to hire a professional skipper to drive them. This will reduce the risk of accidents.
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