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The best navigation applications with cartography for nautical use

In order to simplify daily life, there are several methods that have been created and renovated. They are varied and make it possible to solve several problems according to the field practiced. With the arrival of new technologies, you can…

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The trimaran, an excellent navigation support for cruising

Currently, there are several types of goods and equipment according to our preferences. These equipments and goods have been created according to the model so that each person can choose suitable goods according to their tastes. In the world of…

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Learning to sail in a sailing school, how much does it cost?

There are currently several types of training centres and schools to help you learn the subjects you want to learn, and to give you the necessary knowledge in the areas you want to work in. To learn to sail, you…

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How to choose the right GPS for your boat?

You need GPS to go on sea trips with your friends. However, you can’t decide which model to use. You’re wondering how to choose the right GPS for your boat. To do so, you first need to know the real…

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