Water sports and activities

10 good reasons to snorkel

Snorkeling is an increasingly popular aquatic activity. It is an activity that is both easy and within everyone’s reach. Snorkeling has everything to satisfy children and adults alike. If you’re still hesitating, this article gives you 10 good reasons to…

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Snuba diving or diving for beginners!

You want to get started in scuba diving. However, with so many options available to you, the choice can be quite complicated. For beginners, snuba diving remains the best alternative. What does it consist of? Why is it suitable for…

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Flyboard and Hoverboard: fly on the water like Iron Man!

In recent years, the amazing Hoverboard and Flyboard have been the most fun and revolutionary inventions to appear in the field of water sports. They combine the excitement of flying with the jetpack and also the joy of water sports….

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Fly fish: the towed buoy with thrills!

This name in English “fly fish” means flying fish in French designating a thrilling activity. This activity is part means to spice up your holidays or simply for tourism. What is “fly fish”? This activity requires a large marine area,…

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