Top 10 Best Scuba Diving Locations in the World

As the earth is immense, there are many places and scuba diving sites to discover. For scuba diving enthusiasts, this discipline gives them the opportunity to discover a very different world. It is complicated to find a guide to the best diving spots as long as the choice is personal or subjective. But it is always possible to undertake a group trip in order to discover the best places in the world to scuba dive. The classification of the best diving places and sites depends on their beauty in relation to nature, marine diversity, general diving experience and visibility.

Scuba diving and the activities surrounding it

Scuba diving is an activity that consists of staying underwater with specific equipment. It is an aquatic activity practiced underwater. Scuba diving is a dangerous and risky sport, so you should not improvise. There are two kinds of scuba diving: scuba diving where tanks are used and freediving where the diver must hold his breath for each dive. In order to avoid accidents, you must follow the safety instructions to the letter with a little training. And you must be in good physical condition and have good equipment.

The best diving destinations in Europe

To organize a diving trip, you can discover some of the best scuba diving sites in Europe, but they are less famous compared to those in the Maldives, Indonesia and Thailand. The diving destination in Europe is so special because there is the variety of its large reefs and specific fauna and then there are thousands of wrecks that lie on the ocean floor. In the case of Scotland, there is a lot of talk about Scapa Flow. This place attracts many divers from all over the world.  In Spain for example, there are the best diving spots such as Richies place, La Burrera, Las Canas and the Balearic Islands. France is also home to many dive sites, especially in the Glénan Islands in Finistère in Brittany. There are the wrecks of the Dellec and the Emile Allard. Normandy is also an ideal place for wreck enthusiasts.

The best diving spots in the world

The SS Yongala Wreck is ranked as the best wreck dive in the world. It was during a cyclone that the steamboat called Yongala sank in 1911 not far from Townsville. It became a famous site for its diversity of marine life. It is home to barracudas, sea snakes and giant trevallies. In Sipadan Island, you can see the Barracuda Point spot which is also better for diving. We can also mention the North Horn, a site located on the Osprey Reef. The famous spot of Richelieu Rock in the Surin Islands in Thailand is sensational for whale shark watching. Then comes the list of famous dive spots such as the USS Liberty Wreck, Cod Hole, Navy Pier, Crystal Bay, Batu Bolong and the tenth famous spot is the Elephant Head Rock.
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