Travel across all the seas!

Over the past few years, travel agencies have been offering fascinating sea trips. Make exotic journeys and memorable encounters by choosing unique destinations, visit the travel guide for more details.

Exploratory journeys: Good travel plans to be grasped!

Are you still lacking inspiration for your next trip? Discover travel plan ideas, the best deals of the moment, carefully selected by experts in the field, to make your trip and those of your loved ones memorable moments. Find more inspiration on

Go on a cruise

Go on a cruise

Going on a cruise means discovering privileged places in a new light.

Rent a boat

A unique opportunity to discover creeks accessible only by sea

Travelling to the islands

On your way to heavenly destinations to discover incredible cultures!

Scuba diving

Find the coasts and islands that offer the best dive sites on the planet.

Where to discover the treasures of the oceans?

Do you feel like taking a trip to discover the underwater world and its breathtaking environment? Discover the right exploration tips and information not to be missed on the various oceans.

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

Let yourself be enchanted by the diverse riches of the Indian Ocean seabed. A destination not to be missed!

Atlantic Ocean

Discover the most beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean and dive to discover the wonders jealously hidden by them!

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

It is almost impossible not to succumb to the charm of the Pacific Ocean and its treasures buried under the sea. A paradise for diving enthusiasts!

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea

The little jewels of the Mediterranean Sea have attracted tourists from all over the world for the past few decades. They are full of unusual places.

Travel by kayak, sea kayak, canoe

Spending your holidays in a kayak, sea kayak or canoe is a holiday off the beaten track and out of the ordinary. Discover destinations that are conducive to observing the local fauna and flora, but that are also favourable to these types of sports.

  • Discovery trips and sea kayaking expeditions
  • Good plans not to be missed
  • The best kayaking and canoeing trips
  • The types of existing stays in kayak, sea kayak and canoe.

Water sports & activities when travelling

What makes water sports and activities on a trip to a certain region an element to be taken into account? The sports experiences and entertainment enjoyed in the resorts during your holidays are often original and unequalled! But that’s not all! Browse through the proposals most likely to be included in your next adventures.

Start learning to navigate

If you feel like getting away on your own and sailing all the seas, it’s time to start the sailing courses. Nourish your confidence and spirit of adventure by charting your own course. However, it’s obviously important to follow a reliable learning path. There are a number of criteria for choosing your sailing school and instructor.

What to prepare for sailing?

Sailing is a way to learn determination, self-control and independence. However, before setting sail, it is important to follow a few steps in order to be able to make these journeys without a hitch. What are the eventualities to anticipate? What else do you need to bring along to make sure you reach your destination?